Memorize 90

Memorize 90

Take the M90 Challenge!

Memorize 90 (M90) is a very easy-to-use systematic Scripture Memorization program developed by the General Youth Division of the UPCI. It is also a personal devotion guide.


Who is it for?

It is for anyone who wants to memorize and apply Scripture, especially our target audience of teenagers and young adults.


How does it work?

Memorize 90 verses in 90 days. 3 months. 1 verse per day.


The verses for the M90 program are selected passages from the upcoming Senior Bible Quiz season material. Memorizing these verses could give your students a head start on the Bible quiz season, but most importantly it will prepare them with the answers they need for the tests of life. This is not a program of Senior Bible Quizzing, and you do not have to have a Bible quiz team in order to participate in this program.


Not just Scripture memorization, but Scripture application.

M90 is designed to help students understand the Scripture they are memorizing so they can apply it to their life. Our prayer is that the verses they memorize will become more than just words on a page, but that they will come alive in their life through application and use.


Memorize 90 interactive.

  1. Twitter: follow M90 on Twitter (username: Memorize90 ) and join the M90 conversation. You can tweet how many students you have participating, testimonies about the impact of M90 in the lives of your students, and creative ideas (challenges or incentives) that you have incorporated into the program. Use hashtag: #memorize90
  2. Facebook: join the Memorize 90 Facebook page. Share your church name, youth group name, city/state, and how many students you have taking the M90 challenge. Post pictures and videos of your M90’ers and testimonies of the impact of this program.
  3. Download the free GYD app for iPhone and Droid. It has a powerful interactive M90 function that will help your students memorize and track their progress.


Memorize 90 Resources:

To view all M90 downloadable resources click here.


New M90 materials will be released each year in August at North American Youth Congress or The Commune-ity Meeting (Youth Workers). The material is based on the current NABQT theme and Scriptures which are not released until the North American Bible Quiz Tournament in July.

Memorize 90