January 1: AYC Global Application Deadline

January 4-6: CMI Awakening (Indiana State University – Terre Haute, IN)

January 15: AYC North American Application Deadline

February: Recommended month for Youth Week

February 1: Sheaves for Christ Scholarship Application Deadline

February 20: SFC Scholarship Grading Committee

March 8-10: Southeast BQE (Jacksonville, FL – Church of Pentecost)

March 15-17: South Central BQE (Dallas, TX – Dallas First Church)

March 22-24: Northeast BQE (Ijamsville, MD – Christian Life Center)

April 5-7: North Central BQE (Hazelwood, MO – The Sanctuary

April 12-14: Western BQE (Merced, CA – Apostolic Tabernacle)

April 15: Sheaves for Christ Kick-off

May 21-28: AYC North American Austin, Texas

May 25-June 4: AYC Global Scotland

June 1-11: AYC Global Austria

June 1-11: AYC Global Haiti

June 4-11: AYC North American Oahu, Hawaii

June 15-25: AYC Global Bolivia

June 18-25: AYC North American Vancouver Island, Canada

June 29-July 9: AYC Global Bangladesh

June 29-July 9: AYC Global Ghana

July 6-16: AYC Global Ukraine

July 16-23: AYC North American Miami, FL

July 13-23: AYC Global Australia

July 20-30: AYC Global Zambia

July 23-30: AYC North American San Francisco, CA

July 27-August 6: AYC Global El Salvador

July 27-31: Intermediate & Experienced Division NABQT (Springfield, MO)

August 2-3: Youth Ministry Training Event (The Commune-ity Meeting) (Hazelwood, MO – The Sanctuary)

August 10-20: AYC Global Vanuatu

August 17-27: AYC Global Costa Rica

August 26: SFC Offering

September 25-28: General Conference (Louisville, KY)

September 28: Youth Day at General Conference (Louisville, KY)

October 1: AYC Online Applications Available

November 3-5: SFC Real McCoy Weekend (St. Louis, MO)